17 June 2012

Brian's Father's Day


Brian woke up to breakfast in bed. Specifically, C's bed -- which is where he ended up after C came in to our room in the middle of the night after having a scary dream. Sleepless night still happens now and then, and frankly, our bed just isn't big enough for three (or sometimes even four) of us. It usually ends up with one of us moving to one of the kid's rooms. We had grand plans of leaving town for the night right after H's soccer game yesterday to celebrate Father's Day. But it's still been quite busy lately, and we ended up enjoying a nice day at home. Brian went on a run while H rode his bike next to him. Then we went to Lion's Den Gorge to go on a nice, long hike. Afterwards, ended up at the pool for a good part of the afternoon. Not a bad way to spend the day. And I sure hope Brian enjoyed it, because he deserves nothing but the best. He's such a great father, and every single one of us just think the world of him. Lucky us!

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