20 June 2012

Beach Day


It's official. We are melting here. 98 degrees today, and we have no air conditioning. There's only a few miserable days a year, but we honestly may be breaking down soon (although, central air is not an option -- a downside to living in a stone mid-century modern home). The boys and Brian spent the night in the basement last night -- the only cool place in our house -- and probably will be again today. I was upstairs (it was too crowded for me in the basement). As for Storm, he doesn't know where to go. Upstairs with me. Downstairs with them. He's totally confused, and has taken to wandering the halls all night long. Melissa and I had planned a beach day after seeing each other a couple weeks ago. The excuse was to bring Finn his shirt and sock that ended up in my bag after the boy's sleepover, and to get C's shorts that were left behind. But really, we all just wanted to see each other again, and today turned out to be an ideal day to spend at the beach. The kids frolicked in the freezing cold Lake Michigan water and burning hot sand. Melissa, Emma and I alternated between standing in the water, and hiding under the shade of a tree (ok, hiding under the shade tree was Melissa and me). It really was pretty great. After going our own ways, H, C and I were home maybe an hour before we decided it was time to go back to the beach -- this time, the one by our house. It was seriously a good 15 degrees cooler there, and absolutely heavenly. What a perfect summer day.


Ali said...

Even though I was busy with player stuff and couldn't have beached it with you guys I am still going to lay the guilt trip on for the no heads up that Mel was in town with the kids!! The danger of blogs ;)

Angela said...

Haha! We met at the Illinois/Wisconsin border at the Illinois Beach State Park.

Mel said...

Yep...just meeting up in Zion to exchange shorts and acquire a quick sunburn.