10 August 2014

German-American Days


Today we took our guests out to Moose Lake for German-American Days. They loved it! I knew they would, but am still so excited that they had a good time. There really is nothing like this place, which is open to the public once a year. It's been awhile since we were last able to go. We met up with my sister, brother-in-law and niece and my mom and dad. My mom grew up going here during her summer visits (she grew up in Germany), and I have some fond memories of it too. Not much has changed, which is what makes it so charming. I absolutely adore it here. We spent a ton of time in the lake, which was heaven. The kids had a blast playing the games -- their favorite was the penny toss, where a nice lady kept giving us a penny here and there so we could play. H ended up winning an entire roll (50 cents), and helping out behind the counter. All of our kids ended up helping clean up, which earned them a dollar to buy an ice cream. So cute. I think we all have the date on our calendar for next year. It was a blast.

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