17 August 2014

Summer Days


Just a little more than two weeks left of summer break. I've got to be honest, it snuck up on my a little bit this year and I was a little panicked. Nearly three months is a crazy amount of time to have off. But now that it's ending, I'm super sad. Once school starts, our life is pretty scheduled until June. It's ok, but there's something absolutely beautiful about staying up late, and having pretty much the entire day in front of you without anything going on. I'll miss it, for sure. I think I might be in mourning... This photo was taken last week out at the lake. Between traveling with Gretel all the time, and the cooler weather, I've only been in in it once this year! So sad, considering it's one of my happy places. But the boys have taken advantage of it, which is so great. And, we still have a lot of great stuff packed into these next couple weeks. Good stuff.

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