13 August 2014

The Garden


Ever since we moved to Wisconsin, Brian has been wanting to build a garden. This year, he finally did it. And it looks amazing. You've probably seen glimpses of it here and there in pictures, I'm sure. I took these photos a month ago. You should see it now! The tomato plants are crazy. The watermelon has taken over the yard (and are actually producing what appears to be watermelons). We've eaten fresh lettuce, cucumbers, peppers and herbs nearly every day. It's pretty fantastic. We didn't necessarily plan what we were growing. My next door neighbor mentioned she had a friend whose husband grows plants from seed, and was giving them away. So we have an abundance of eggplants, pepper and tomatoes that we got for free. Can't beat that. I cannot wait for the tomatoes to be ready. Most are some incredible heirloom varieties. They should be pretty terrific. The best part of this entire thing has been watching H in action. He has become the resident gardener. He's researched and knows most everything about these plants. He also is the one who tends to them every day. It's really fun to see him in action.

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