05 August 2014

State Fair


Today H, C and I made our annual visit to the Wisconsin State Fair. I love the fair. At least for our once a year, few hour visit. More than that, I might go crazy. But I love the pigs, and the cows. The fried food on a stick. You know -- typical fair stuff. We started our day at the Milkhouse, where you can get a glass of flavored milk for 25 cents. The boys had birthday cake, while I opted for root beer -- per the suggestion of our server. There was also fruit hoops, chocolate and strawberry. Throughout the day, we also had deep fried Oreos, deep friend pickles, corn on the cob (or in the cup, as was the case of C, who is sporting braces this year) and H had potato pancakes. Next we visited the animals. C couldn't help himself and even pet a pig's tail that was sticking out through the fence. The kids rode the Giant Slide, played some games, and rode the Genesis (they are 5 and 6 from the left). All day long C had been talked about buying crickets from All Things Jerky, which was on our way out of the park. Many of the booths offered a tasting menu today, and fortunately, they were able to buy a small container of worms and a cricket for $1, which seemed to tie them over. See that worm hanging from C's mouth? He was all over it. It was a super fun day.

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