17 August 2014

Sunday Hike


Brian got home at 12:30 am last night after five days out of town for work. New York City and Pebble Beach, California. After a travel dry spell, he's been gone most of the past month. It's always nice to have him home. After a relaxing morning, we dropped C off at a laser tag birthday party for one of his soccer friends, and H, Brian, the dogs and I headed to Lapham Peak for a beautiful Sunday hike. Brian and I each had a dog, and H was armed with the camera. So besides the last one, he is the one responsible for all of these photos. I took Gretel here a couple weeks ago, but we were able to explore a little more today. It is a fantastic cross country ski trail, which we walked on for quite a ways. We also hiked the Ice Age Trail -- which I actually wish we would have been able to spend more time on. It was absolutely beautiful. Afterwards, we went to Le Ducs, then picked up C, who had a great time. Fun day.

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