06 April 2017

Spain :: Day 8


Our final day in Spain. Can't believe how quickly it went by. Today there was no soccer. Instead, we went to Segovia -- another really incredible town. What Segovia is known for is the ancient aqueduct, dating back to the 1st of early 2nd century, and suckling pig. We took a little walking tour, which ended at the Alcázar of Segovia. Since we were there, a group of us decided to tour it and I'm so glad we did. For lunch, my friend, her son, C and I broke away and decided to have a nice lunch. We ended up at Restaurante Jose, where the boys had Grilled Monkfish, my friend had lamb chops, and I tried out the suckling pig. Not something I would typically eat, but when in Segovia! And yes, it was amazing.

That afternoon once we were back in Madrid, we packed up then headed out to try to find C a hoodie. The streets and stores were insane though, so the only thing we bought was a bubble tea at C's favorite place -- Wowble. So good. That evening was a farewell dinner at the hotel. All of us laid low and just hung out in the hotel lobby before calling it a night.

We were up early the next morning to go to the airport. Unfortunately, we didn't have a direct flight either way, which made for a long day. Greeting us at the airport though, were H & Brian, who had a great time in Mexico while we were away. I think we were all sad to see our vacations come to an end, but being reunited as a family felt really good.

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