05 April 2017

Spain :: Day 7



Good news. Was feeling much better this day. Thank goodness. Today we went to Real Madrid City and got to see where the boys have been training. Security was very tight -- probably because the 1st team was actually training there that day. Kind of exciting. We even saw a glimpse of a player (C would know -- I can't remember). Lunch was supposed to be at the facility, but a group of us took a cab back to the hotel instead. I was lucky enough to run into some of the parents of the girls who came on the trip (our schedules were often quite different) and went out for a typical tapas lunch with them. All we did was order beer & wine, and next thing you know, we had jamón, manchego. Spanish tortilla, croquetas and patatas bravas. Seriously, all of that cost only 20 Euros. Good stuff.

After lunch, I stopped in the grocery store to pick up some chocolate, then a couple of us walked to the Royal Palace. Second time was a charm, thank goodness. Definitely an interesting place to visit. Considering I didn't make it to any other of the famous museums there, I'm so glad I made it here. Unfortunately you couldn't take photos. It was so over the top, and absolutely fabulous.

That evening, C and I decided to go on a date. He had been really looking forward to it and was bummed he couldn't join us for dinner the night before, so we went back to La Gloria de Montera. It was perfect and he ate a ton! I'm pretty sure it was his favorite dinner of the entire trip. We had 5 different plates, plus 2 desserts. Such a fun night. After we came back, I met up with the parents at the gin bar across the street for a couple cocktails. Not a super late night, but definitely later than usual. Such a fun day.

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