04 April 2017

Spain :: Day 5


IMG_0168 spain-day5-g

This may just have been one of my favorite days of the trip. After breakfast, the players had training and I went for a run through the park. It is seriously stunning, with something new around every corner. Afterwards, I went over to the Royal Palace, but it was closed. Can you even believe it? It seems the Spanish Royal Family was hosting guests. We did not miss out completely though. My friend and I made it just in time to watch all of the fanfare as the guests entered. Armored palace guards on horses, calvary, etc. It was really quite amazing.

Afterwards, we picked up sandwiches, met up with the boys, and a group of us took the high-speed train to the medieval town of Toledo. So glad we took advantage of a free afternoon (the other team was playing, but our group didn't have another game until the next day). We enjoyed some food and wine before touring the 13th century old Toledo Cathedral. After the tour, we only had a little time before it was time to leave. While the adults enjoyed some more wine (go figure), the boys bought a soccer ball and played rondo in the square. They also played while we were waiting for the train! It may have been an afternoon off for these guys, but they just can't help themselves. So cool. As we arrived back in Madrid, part of the group went back to the hotel, and some of us headed over to Chocolaterîa San Gines for churros and chocolate for dinner. The boys didn't complain. Such a fun day.

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