21 April 2017

Last Week in Moments

Coloring Easter eggs! It's everyone (but Brian's) favorite. Stuck traditional, but maybe next year we'll experiment with something.

Easter morning and never too old for the Easter bunny.

Spent Easter with Grandma Joan, and a delicious brunch at Lake Park Bistro.

She's so cute when she's sleepy.

Gymnastics (especially upside down ones) are definitely not my thing -- but one of these days, I WILL touch that wall with my nose. I've been crossfitting nearly three years now, and lost a bunch of weight since October of this past year. Slow but steady, and it's paying off. I feel incredible, and am gaining confidence to try things I never thought I'd do before. I always said I'd never get a pull-up. Guess what? This past week, I did 4 strict unbroken. It feels awesome.

My friend Yvonne send me this photo from Brian and I at a wedding in New York, circa 1998. I love it! Brian's first comment was how he can't believe he is wearing pleats! He said he never wore pleats. Ha.

Obsessed with flowering trees.

Had a Madrid reunion with some of my gal pals from the Spain soccer trip. We ate dinner at .... Hotel Madrid! I had a great dinner of peppers, octopus, salad and barramundi. Plus we shared dessert, of course. Felt good to be away from the soccer field and out and about.

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