16 April 2017


Version 2

Can't believe Easter is here. No big plans this weekend, but it's been great. The weather is gorgeous. Spring tends to not be my favorite, but everything is turning green, flowers/trees/plants are blooming -- and even though we get to see this every year living in the Midwest, it's still always kind of magical.

We decorated eggs on Saturday. The boys and I love it. Maybe next year we'll try natural dies (I say this to myself every year -- need to make it happen). Naturally, Easter morning was spent Easter egg hunting and chocolate eating. We've hosted Easter the last couple of years, but with much of our family out of town this year, decided to keep it simple and go out for brunch this year. It was strange not having everyone around, but kind of nice to have a low-key holiday. Joan came and we stopped over at Scott & Ali's before heading over to Lake Park Bistro for brunch. I was so excited! We scored with a table overlooking the lake. The boys both finished their steak & frites. I had the cheese plate, salade ni├žoise and pavlova with lemon sorbet and berries. Oh, and a mimosa and some of the boys fries. It was absolutely delicious. Such a perfect afternoon.

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