29 August 2015



Today is C's birthday, and he's getting to do what he loves best ... playing in a soccer tournament all weekend. There isn't much I can say about C that I haven't said before. He's tough but sensitive. Has a great sense of humor, yet whether it's in school or sports, such a hard worker. He marches to his own beat, and it is definitely one of the things I love most about him. As I've done over the years, here's a little Q&A with the birthday boy:

C ' S   F A V O R I T E S   A T   1 1   Y E A R S  O L D :
Color // Pink
Food // "I really don't know!"
Drink // Smoothies
TV show // Barclays Premier League soccer
Subject in school // PE
Book // Magic Treehouse books. "I've read the entire series."
Animal // Pig
Sport // Soccer
Place to be // "With my Storm." (dog)

If he could visit anywhere in the world, it would "probably be London to see a Chelsea game." And when he grows up, he would like live in London and be a professional soccer player.

May all of your dreams come true, my little love.....

(Past birthdays 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4)

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