22 August 2015

C's Birthday Party


What a super fantastic fun day! C invited 3 friends to Panga to rent paddleboards for his birthday. It's next week, but he's going to be in a soccer tournament so we decided to celebrate a little early. It's been a number of years since he's actually had a party with friends. End of August birthdays are tough. Vacations, back to school and all. We've been out of town ourselves for the past couple years! Anyhow, the boys all took off on their SUPs with Brian supervising, so I hardly saw them! My parents came over and joined me on the shore -- and my friend Tami came out a little early to hang out ... so fun. I've got to say, C has some really nice friends with really nice parents. It's a good thing. We had snacks, and salted carmel cupcakes (per the birthday boy) and, of course, a piƱata. No birthday is complete without one, according to C. He had a perfect day.

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