13 August 2015

Wisconsin State Fair


Soccer has resumed. Tennis is still going on. We had one day to make our annual visit to the Wisconsin State Fair happen, and it did! The morning of, Brian & H went to the PGA. Needless to say, once they were there, they didn't want to leave. And, there may have been a little whining. But, this is Brian's first time joining us at the State Fair, and we were so excited. Brian has a little bit different of an agenda than we've established over the years. But it was fun, and we definitely did things we haven't seen before. Like, go into the pavilions, where we got to see the winning culinary recipes. We also did our standard things. The boys rode the slide (twice). We saw goats and pigs. C and lost Brian and H for awhile -- they said we took too long with the swines. (C and I <3 pigs). We feasted -- eating alligator and the Wis-cone-sin (a soft pretzel cone with chicken schnitzel, potato pancake, German rotkohl, cinnamon apple straws and a beer reduction), roasted corn and cream puffs, poutine and perogies. It's definitely overload, but oh my ... how fun. The last stop was the Spincity to go on some rides. The boys went on their favorite -- the Genesis -- and a fun house. It took some coaxing, but they also tried out the giant swing. It turns out they take after Brian and me -- even the next day, they were talking about how sick they felt going around in a circle like that. Funny. As we were leaving, Nik Wallenda was about to attempt his longest tightrope walk. We found a cozy spot in the parking lot and stayed around for the whole thing. We had seen him on TV doing his Grand Canyon walk, as well as his skyscraper walk. It was pretty amazing watching him that close. Anyhow, we left exhausted and full, but what a fun day.

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