14 February 2010


Around 12:30 yesterday, we picked my sister and her kids up at Union Station. They took the Amtrak from Milwaukee, and I've got to say, that works out pretty nifty. Our ultimate goal was to get to the Museum of Science and Industry. Last time we were there with them, J was about 3 years old. And, of course, it's still H & C's favorite place. But first, we stopped for lunch at Medici.
We didn't realize the Museum closes at 4:00. So we had to run around and try to see as much as we could. C was freaked out by the babies and body parts. He prefers the trains and planes. We ran out of time before we could see the Coal Mine and Submarine. But we covered a lot of ground, and will be back again.
They had to leave bright and early this morning after a little Valentine's Day breakfast, and we were all a bit sad. The visit went really fast. It was a great time.

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