10 February 2010


I got out of work early today, and picked the boys up from school while it was still light out. They love the 15" of snow we got yesterday. I do too. I just prefer it on a weekend. When we have nowhere to go. Actually, I can't remember the last time we had nowhere to go. Forget what I said. Snow is a pain in the behind.
The boys decided they would shovel our back yard. I'm not really sure why. But they spent a good 20 minutes just kind of throwing snow around and building a pile by the fence. I was spying on them, and tapped on the window.
At least one of them paid attention to me.
But then, he decided to start a snow fight with me. While I was sitting inside the window. The nerve!
Next, the little one joined in. I like snow fights from this seat in the house.

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