27 February 2010

Fun & Pies

Today was H's school's annual fun fair. The Pie-in-the-Face Contest is one of the highlights of the event. Throughout the week, students give money to collection jars for the staff member they want to see get a pie in the face. The winner is the one who received the most money in their jar. The lucky contenders (from right to left in the top photo) were the school secretary, a kindergarten teacher, a forth grade teacher, a third grader teacher (who H voted for), the Spanish teacher (who wore a Mexican wrestling mask -- classic) and the gym teacher. The school engineer was the MC. Mrs. Johnson, the school secretary, ended up being the lucky winner. And was cheered on by a bunch of screaming students. It was really funny. Of course, the fun fair also had games and a cake walk. H won three cakes. In a row. He's a lucky guy. After wards, we went to Pete's. They were passing out instant win tickets for Gyros for a Year. Thirty-five grand prizes are being given out by the company who supplies the gyros (odds of winning are 1:7,826). Guess who won? H! I almost sent him out to buy a lottery ticket after a day like that.

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Heidi said...

Seriously - you should have bought lottery tickets with that kid!!