08 February 2010

Dates with our Boys

H likes to hang out with Brian. C tends to want to be around me. But yesterday, Brian and C had a little Dad-Son date (he did have to be bribed with gum to get him out of the house). H has been playing soccer on Sundays, and I think C might be a just a little bit jealous. He's been talking about getting some new kicks (I will admit, he is wearing hand-me-downs from H that are very worn) -- and wanted indoor soccer shoes. So off they went to Chicago Soccer. He got the shoes. Brian also let him pick out a jersey and shorts (he chose Deutschland). Then, they were trying to figure out where to go eat, and no joke, C asked him to stop at the Chicago Brauhaus. That's my boy! While they were on their little adventure, H and I visited the Oak Park Conservatory. It's only a five minute walk from our house, but we really don't go enough. Such a great little place. The bottom line is though, all had a wonderful time -- and we really need to make more time for little "dates" like these.


Andrea said...

Cole hat ja richtigen Fussballverstand! Gute Erziehung.

Angela said...

Finde ich auch!