14 February 2010

The Modern Wing

After dropping my sister and the kids off at the train, we decided to (finally) visit The Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago. It. Is. Amazing. What a beautiful, beautiful space. H said the entrance looked like fancy hotel. We knew we'd have only a little bit of time before the natives got restless, so we didn't get to really look very long. But we made it through the entire section, and even the boys were pretty into it. There's even a Kids Gallery, with hands-on workshops. For some reason, our boys never like to partake in that stuff. Weird. They do like taking pictures though, so we set them loose with our camera.Someone must have really liked this one -- I found a few variations of it on the camera.And, of course anything interactive is a big hit. Here's Being Not Truthful Always Works Against Me by Stefan Sagmeister and Ralph Ammer.

P.S. Admission is free the month of February.

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