04 February 2010


Brian's gearing up to watch the Super Bowl with the boys this Sunday. H has been really into football this year. It's kind of weird. (Ok, not really, but I grew up with a sister and we could have really cared less about the sport). C is not quite there yet with his attention span. Here's a conversation Brian just had with him:

B. C, are you going to watch the Super Bowl with me Sunday?
C. No.
B. But there will be a picnic upstairs, with chicken wings.
C. No. (Pause) Ok, but only if I can have a sharp knife.

(NOTE: he's been using a knife forever at dinner. He may be behind in speech, but the kid has always been a whiz at utensil usage. We've moved on to steak knives, when appropriate. It makes cutting a breeze -- I think he's obsessed.)

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