27 February 2010

Ethiopian Dinner

For months, a group of us have been talking about getting together for Ethiopian cuisine. We've heard great things, but never tried it. Penny was the mastermind organizer. She had planned a surprise for Chris, and it worked out that this was a day we could all actually get together. We went to Ras Dashen, and Chris had no idea we would be there. It was fun. Eating Ethiopian cuisine is very interesting. You eat using injera -- a spongy sourdough flatbread -- and just scoop it up. Between 10 of us, we got to try a lot of different foods. And I have to admit, the live music and Xingu made the experience pretty nice too.

We ended the evening by coming home to these two little sleeping boys, with H still in his 3D glasses from watching Coraline. Sweet.


Marian said...

What did you think? Different, huh? I'm not a fan of the sour taste of injera, but like other things.

Angela said...

I liked it. I was overwhelmed a bit because I didn't really know how to order. But I want to go back again. I liked the injera, but I imagine the taste and texture is not for everyone. Great experience though.