06 July 2017

Italy :: Day 9


Happy 4th of July! So strange not doing our normal thing. Nina & Papa stayed behind today, while the rest of us visited the town they had gone to with their friends a couple days before -- Bagno Vignoni, an ancient Roman thermal springs. The main area was a sulphur bath built by the Medicis, but is no longer used for that purpose. There are a number of spas in the area, but we went to the Parco dei Mulini and hiked down to La Gora -- the sulfurous mud pool -- which was pretty incredible. For lunch, we went to Osteria del Leone, which was absolutely delicious. That evening, Brian, the boys and my niece when into Lucca for the Imagine Dragons concert. The Lucca summer festival is not a huge venue, but draws huge acts. In fact, the Rolling Stones are playing later this summer, can you imagine? As soon as Brian mentioned the concert months ago, C was all about. He was lucky enough to get VIP tickets from a contact, so needless to say, they were well taken care of. Lucky kids. While they were there, the rest of us joined the town of Radiconoli for a party in the park. We didn't know what to expect, but it was quite an experience. Literally, every person we encountered over the past week was there which was pretty hilarious. The waiters, the chef who was at our house the night before, her assistant, the tourist office woman, the sheep farmer's daughter who we bought cheese from, the girl who made our afternoon coffees. Everyone! The park has a pizza oven -- of course it does! -- and the spread was incredible. Later that night, a few bands played. Things were getting a little crazy by the time the DJ came, which is when we decided we should leave. What a good time! So glad we got to experience it.

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