04 July 2017

Italy :: Day 5


We woke the boys up early to take our little hike to the village with us. Surprisingly, they were all about it. It helped that we told them we were going to get a cappuccino at the café too. The day was spent in the beautiful town of Siena. We had an amazing day, despite it being cold and rainy. Seriously! Italy has been having a heat wave and dry spell, but it poured the entire day. That's ok. Even we were excited to get the rain. It was that dry here. We started at the Siena Duomo, which was completed between 1215 and 1263 and is stunning. Don't forget to cover your shoulders, like my niece, who got to rock a paper shawl for the day. Fortunately, it came in handy as a rain shield too. Siena was gearing up for the Palio di Siena -- a bi-annual bareback horse race. That would have been absolutely amazing to see, but so chaotic. We got to watch it on TV a couple days later at a restaurant. That was fine by me. Lunch was at a little cafe where Brian and I shared grilled fish and back pepper pasta. We've been feasting like crazy, and have to say, that was one of our more perfect meals. Later that evening, we met up with Harry & Laura at Osteria del Borgo in Mensano. Such a fun evening with fantastic food. Highlights for me were the pear & cheese pasta and chocolate salami. Seriously, there has been no holding back this vacation. I may burst by the time I get home. Definitely am feeling kind of gross, but so worth it. Everything is amazing, but nothing is light here.

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