15 July 2017

Dalton & All Things Amish


This morning, we loaded up the car -- dogs and all -- with only a couple destinations in mind. Otherwise, we weren't sure where the day was going to take us. We drove through the beautiful Horicon Marsh.  Unfortunately, we didn't stop this time. It's a a different trip for a different time. A time when we get to spend a few hours there. Today, we wanted visit the Amish community in Dalton. We did this trip a few years ago, and decided it was time to go again. First stop, Salemville Cheesehouse where we picked up some blue cheese, smoked blue and 8-year cheddar. Next was Pleasant View Bakery. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomaches, and we ended up buying a ridiculous amount of baked goods. We also got some raspberries fresh off the horse-drawn wagon. Seriously, the woman was delivering them as we were there. And we picked up the last dozen farm fresh eggs that were selling for $2. Insane. Next, we stopped at Mishler's Country Store for some baking supplies and the pet store next door, where we got two amazing leather leashes for the pups. Such a fun road trip destination. Just remember to bring cash (or check)!

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