06 July 2017

Italy :: Day 10 (The End)


Time to leave paradise. Just look at that view from our back yard. Here is the place we stayed, by the way -- Podere Ortone. Isn't it magnificent? We wished we would have had four more days -- another beach day, another visit to Sienna (without rain), another vineyard and another day to relax. Oh well. We left early in the morning for the airport where we had to have another piece of pizza. I'm not sure I need to have pizza for a long time. The flight to Paris went well. Once in Paris however, ugh. We were not supposed to have a long connection, but the flight ended up being delayed. The worst part though, was that we had to sit on the plane at the gate for over three hours due to a mechanical issue. It was hot and absolutely brutal. By the time we got home, it was after 1am. Long day. I'm still pinching myself though that we got to experience a vacation like this. It was truly special and we are just so lucky. Ciao Italia!

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