23 July 2017

Garbage & Blondie at Ravinia


It's been years since we've been to Ravina. The last time, we saw Lyle Lovett in the pavilion -- at least 8 years ago. The time before, Bebel Gilberto -- pre-children with my parents. I wish it didn't take so much time and effort, because it really is a fun thing to do. We met Bill & Lora at their house and drove together. We were able to park at a house nearby. Brian rigged a cooler on wheels (a skateboard), which we all laughed at, but actually worked out perfect. Once there, we met up with Chris & Penny. We even got to see our friend Jeff, who was in town from LA. So great. We dined on some pretty delicious fare and had a really nice time hanging out while listening to John Doe & Exene Cervenka, Garbage & Blondie. Seriously! What a line-up. Such an amazing night.

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