24 July 2015

St. Germain, Wisconsin :: Day 7


Our last full day, and we really wanted to take advantage of it. Brian, H and I took a bike ride. Seriously, being close to the trail was key. A person could ride all day. My sister and her family had some of their friends over for the day. We took the pontoon and fishing boat over to Fibber's for lunch. I got to use their SUP (I'm addicted, I think) while the kids got pulled behind the pontoon boat on tubes. The final night, C was responsible for dinner so he decided to create his own dish -- "Meat Mountain." It was up to his team (my dad and brother-in-law) to help execute his vision. It basically was a meatloaf shaped like a volcano covered in mashed potatoes with broccoli and sauce over the top. Awesome! For dessert, C made caramel covered marshmallows. He's still talking about how much he loved that meal. That evening, we took one last trip on the lake with the pontoon boat, watching the loons and talking about our great week.

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