20 July 2015

St. Germain, Wisconsin :: Day 4


We met up at the Flea Market in St. Germain -- some of us via bike, C and my sister ran, and some by car. It was quite something. It was rather cool and cloudy, so we ended up not doing much this day. My mom and I took the kayaks to Fawn Lake -- another smaller lake that is connected. It was loaded with lily pads and dragonflies. That night, we went to Blink Bonnie for steak dinner. They don't take reservations, and we knew with a group our size, it may take awhile. We were there by 5:30pm and sat down (at separate table) two hours later. So worth it though. Plus, it honestly didn't feel that long though. Maybe it was because we were told it would be three hours -- or maybe it was the old fashioned cocktails we were drinking.... Regardless, the dinner was delicious.

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