24 July 2015

Last Week in Moments

Finally got Brian to Atwater Beach - the boys buried themselves in sand // Had so much fun that the next day, H, C and me went to Doctor's Park.

The boys had tennis on Wednesday. My mom had invited my cousin's wife and their kids for an afternoon of swimming. The boys spent most of their time fishing. Caught lots of smalls one and a couple pretty large fish (P.S. Notice ... no braces!)

It was guest day on Thursday, and my mom invited me to play. My sister was playing that day too. Our paths didn't cross for a match (I'm thinking the pro planned it that way), but it was a great day and we got to have a nice lunch together. Need to start playing more tennis again // The boys spent most of the week with Nina & Papa! A treat for all. I picked them up today, and of course had to hit the lake again. It's perfect!

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