10 July 2015

Last Week in Moments

Last week, C participated in an International Soccer Camp at his club. The last day they played a tournament, and he was playing goalie when the game went into penalty kicks. He saved it, and the team ended up going to the finals. They stuck him in goal again, and the ended up conceding the first goal and therefore coming in second place. He had a great time // Breaking in the Panga pantoon boat

Nature hike in my parents back yard. Last year they found a dead deer. This year, it's just the pelt and bones. Fascinating // Waiting for the Stone Bank Parade to start

Mike & Kristyn let us try out their SUPs. Such fun

Waiting for the darkness to come so the fireworks could start // Brian found this nest of bunnies under our chives a couple weeks ago. We have the garden mostly fenced off (thanks to Gretel and her digging problem), and the dogs have been pretty good about keeping out. But if they spot these little things hopping around...ugh, I can't even think about it. They are adorable

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