24 July 2015

St. Germain, Wisconsin :: Day 6


What a fun day! My dad, nephew and brother-in-law went golfing. My mom stayed behind at the house. The rest of us went over to our friend Mike's place on Fence Lake. Lucky for us, he was up this week too! I love that over the years, we've met Mike in the craziest of places -- Florida, England, Costa Rica, and now up north. Ok. Not quite as adventurous, but still a blast. Anyhow, Mike has a pretty sick boat, so we spent the day water skiing and wake surfing. Well, I tried to wake surf and wasn't very successful. I was so close! Should have tried it again, but decided to go on the SUPs with my sister and C, which made me very happy. Next time. After a great afternoon, we went into Minocqua and ended up at the beer garden, where Tim picked my sister and niece up. Brian, H, C and I wanted to see the Min-Aqua Bats show. So much fun! We almost decided not to go, but are so glad we stuck with our tradition. It's amazing what those people can do on skis. Or barefoot. Whatever.

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