21 July 2015

St. Germain, Wisconsin :: Day 5


It was a pretty yucky day out when we woke up. Regardless, while I slept soundly -- with my ear plugs and eye mask -- Brian, H and my brother-in-law woke up bright and early to go fishing. No luck though. We decided to hit another flea market in Boulder Junction today. I know! Crazy. But this time, we had a mission. We decided to do a family Flea Market Challenge. Each person had $5 to spend and pick out the best purchase. Our treasures would be revealed that evening.

After the flea market, we went to the Sayner Pub for lunch, then took our pontoon boat over to Lake Content. A new development is going there, taking over resort on the grounds. Makes me a little sad. That evening, my niece was in charge of dinner. Campfire packets! Delicious.

By the way, have I mentioned the cute duck family that visited us every day? Probably... but they were especially cute on this day. They were even eating our of hands. Until my nephew scared them away. The babies weren't too phased, but Mama duck watched her little ones from the safety of the fishing boat after that.

We also concluded our bags tournament that we started a couple days ago. I was paired with my mom. I thought we'd be quite the power-house team (considering she is a member of the UW Whitewater athletics hall of fame). But no. We lost immediately. Guess who was the team to beat? C and my nephew. Unbelievable. Fortunately, they were very modest about it (not). I will say, they had been pairing up since the beginning ... puffing their chests and rubbing in their victories. My dad and I took them on and beat them! So they weren't undefeated. I'm just saying.

Anyhow, we were finally able to reveal our treasures. The winner of the Flea Market Challenge was .... C! Originally, he and my mom and the most votes. After a second voting, it was still divided. He ended up winning in rock, paper, scissors. Do you know what did it? He had a "stool sample." Seriously, he bought a miniature stool placed in a jar. It was hilarious. He also had a bathroom reader book and a vintage peek-a-boo glass (which has since made it into the dishwasher and is ruined). It was awesome. My mom picked up a $3 grab bag and the treasures were endless. It was hilarious. Everyone picked up great stuff. It was hilarious.

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