02 September 2014

Wisconsin Weekend :: Day 4


After a night of rain -- which surprisingly is not too bad to sleep in -- and a run in with a donut hole eating raccoon (H spotted it in our screen house, and it ran off with the goods), we met up to enjoy some amazing Bloody Marys and breakfast burritos with the gang. It started to rain again, which resulted in a pretty impressive fire as Melissa was cooking up the bacon. Yikes. Unfortunately, one of the Elsmo's woke up quite sick, so they ended up packing up camp too. So sad. The good news is, they didn't get too far and ended up checking into a hotel just down the street. The under the weather camper got a chance to sleep all afternoon, while the rest met up with us in New Glarus. It was supposed to rain all day, but ended up being gorgeous -- perfect for enjoying some beer, bienenstichkuchen and landjager.

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