18 September 2014

Middle School Soccer


Besides H's club soccer, he has signed up for his middle school soccer team ... and is having an absolute blast. The middle school team is no cut, so there are many levels of players. It's co-ed, but only one girl is on the team, unfortunately. (She's pretty good, as you can imagine.) The players are in 7th and 8th grades. H is the only kid in his grade who plays for his club. There are some 8th graders who do, but he doesn't play with any of his school friends. This is a great opportunity to do so, since many of them are on the team as well. They take the bus to the games, have jerseys. It's pretty fun. The first game was on Tuesday at University School of Milwaukee. Today was a home game against Eastbrook Academy.  Both were shut out games, with H's school winning. Today was particularly fantastic. H scored two of the goals -- one was his very first penalty kick. So cool.


Last night, in lieu of regular training, H's coach had them meet at the Marquette vs. UWM soccer game, which was super fun. Such a great idea. It was a packed house for the cross town rivals. I'm happy to report that my alma mater won, 3-0. (That would be Marquette -- although, a bunch of our friends played for UWM, so I can't help but cheer for them too. H's coach played for MU, however, so I did have someone on my side last night.) Anyhow, we all had a great time. This has been a fun week of soccer.

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