30 September 2014

Gretel - 6 months

Remember the tiny 13 pound puppy we brought home four months ago?


Well, she isn't so tiny any more.....


In fact, the last time I had her at the vet, she weighed over 50 pounds -- which is really large for a female German Shorthaired Pointer, by the way. Her feet are larger than Storm's, which means, there's growing still to be done. Today, Gretel is officially 6 months old. Spit and vinegar, but absolutely adorable.

Brian's been working with her on the bird hunting part of things. From what I hear, she's doing really amazing. It's what this breed is meant to do, and they love it. I measure my training success differently. Namely, we don't have many accidents in the house anymore, and the only things chewed up so far are a fishing pole and her crate pad. That being said, I cannot keep my eyes off of her for more than a minute. She looks for trouble, and by the end of the day, I always have a collection of shoes, boots, scarves, purses, etc that I have confiscated from her. The past couple weeks I've really seen her go from puppy to dog. For example, when she runs, she no longer looks like a fawn taking her first steps. You can still tell she's young. In fact, everything I read about GSPs say she'll act like a puppy in a big dog body for years to come. Great. But we all -- I'm speaking for Storm too -- pretty much adore her.

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