14 September 2014



Friday night was the ice cream social for the boy's soccer club. Great ... except it was 44 degrees and raining. The boys and I still went over, planning on meeting Brian and some others for some food and beer. We ended up leaving after a few games, and met Brian at Pizza Man instead. The next evening was much nicer out, so we decided to have dinner there (Rollbraten --yum!) before Brian and I went to see Foster the People. I've got to be honest -- I really don't enjoy going to concerts much anymore. But Brian loves them, so we went. Last night's show was pretty incredible. I may need to get out more often. Our weekend also consisted of Brian and H volunteering at the grill station Saturday morning, while C and I went to his soccer games ... all day long. H also had his first league soccer game today. It was a great start to the season, with both teams winning all of their games. Fun.

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