02 September 2014

Wisconsin Weekend :: Day 2


Unfortunately, Brian woke up in the middle of the night with shortness of breath, a headache and an upset stomach. Can you believe it? Sadly, throughout the next couple of days, there was only one that he was close to feeling ok. This may go down as the longest vacation ever, but he was an amazing sport about it. Thursday, however, was not one of the best for him. He took the boys out fishing, then spent most of the afternoon resting while H, C & I canoed, which was a blast. Later in the afternoon, we all ventured out to hit downtown Wisconsin Dells and some go-karts. Brian even made it out to Ishnala, where we got to have an early birthday dinner for C. Overlooking Mirror Lake, it really is a stunning location. And H & C really liked how fancy it was. Crackers, pub cheese, roasted duck (for them) and chocolate mousse. They were two happy guys.

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