26 September 2012

Nina Visit


The boys had off of school today. Our community has a large Jewish population, so Fall Break days in their school district coincide Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Since the boys had off, and my parents are fleeing south soon, my mom took the opportunity to come visit us for the day. H & C got long overdue haircuts. C said all the Justin Bieber fans think he looks like him and likes it when he waves his hair. Could this be the reason he's wanted to grow it out? Hmmm.... And my mom persuaded me to test drive some new cars. We've had mine since H was born, and it's kind of on it's last leg. Don't get me wrong, I sure do like me a nice automobile -- it's just not a priority to me, and honestly I'm quite harsh on my cars so getting a new car makes me a bit nervous. But, it was good to finally get out, because I really do need to figure it out. We also had a nice lunch, played a little football, did some homework, and of course H showed off his baritone skills to Nina while the dog sat on the bed and howled. It was a great day.

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