02 February 2011

The Snow Storm of 2011


This, is what our street looked like from our window last night around 7pm. The kid's school was already canceled. The fifth snow day ever in our town. Since 1873, the only other school closings due to snow were in 1930, 1939, 1967 and 1979 (per the Chicago Tribune). Work advised us to bring everything home and stay put (our office did end up closing for today -- but I still need to get stuff done, unfortunately). We knew the snow would be bad. Still, I'm pretty skeptical of overdramatized weather reports and wondered if it really would be as terrible as they predicted. It was no joke. While we bundled up on the couch, eating popcorn and watching a movie with the kids, the trees started swaying like crazy, the snow started falling harder, and there was lightening and thunder. Not sure that's something I've ever seen in my life before. After a good night of sleep, this is what we woke up to.

Snow covering our screened-in porch (and, of course some repairs that need to be made). A huge snow drift blocking us in our back yard. C tried to dig his way out.

A garage that we couldn't get to without shoveling around the door.

About two feet of snow in most places. It took Brian over two hours to snow blow, while I dedicated my efforts to the screened-in porch and front stairs.

A buried car.

The boys had a blast sledding down the drifts in the back yard. Who knows if they will see snow like this for awhile!

And they weren't the only ones having fun. Storm's thing was digging his nose into the snow then snorting really hard so it flew everywhere.

As for me, I'm not sure I'm getting out of these long underwear. After all, we'll be heading out there again for more plowing, shoveling and snow fun. I have to say though, even the presentation I need to work on seems so much better in front of a fire with my family around and my feet up. Stay safe, and have fun.


Mary said...

I'm in Naperville & you are right. It's crazy outside. It looks like your kids are enjoying it. I hope you were prepared...food wise.
I found your blog through Desire to Inspire. Your house ia amazing!
It must be sad to leave.

Angela said...

@Mary - thank you for your nice comments! We always seem to have a ton of food in our house so should be good. But our car did just get a little hit while parked in our drive way! Oh well. It's actually gorgeous out. Going back to play a bit right now.