11 February 2011

Hearts and Hundreds


Today was Hearts and Hundreds Day in C's classroom. They celebrated 100 days of school, and Valentine's Day. It was a big to-do. I decided last minute to sneak out and volunteer in the classroom a bit. Probably not the best idea because I'm swamped at work and I felt very over-extended today. But, you know what? Everything I had to get done, got done. And if there is one lesson I've learned over the course of the years, it is that this all goes by way too fast. H, in 3rd grade, is already at the point that they rarely need parents to help out anymore. The sad thing is, I missed out on most of his stuff (I've only chaperoned one field trip), thinking that some day, I'd be able to be there more. So while I still don't feel like I can take on room parent, I do try to be there as much as I can for days like this. Anyhow, the kids were all wearing their hundreds hats, had way too much sugar, and were absolutely adorable. It was a fun afternoon with my littlest.

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