02 February 2011

More Snow


Snow. Better get used to it. It's sure to be the main topic around here. Especially since we are trapped together again tomorrow. The first double snow day in the history of the school district. We don't have an alley garage, but most people seriously can't get out. A pick-up truck tried to be the superhero of the neighborhood today and work it's way through the alley. Nice idea, but it ended up hitting our car. It wasn't enough to worry about since we drive a vehicle that 9 years old and has 100,000 miles. Still. Can I tell you a secret? I had a blast today. We had a great time cooped up together. There were hardly any arguments. Everyone seemed pretty happy. The boys spent most of the day building snow tunnels and sledding. H, Storm and I took a walk. And most of all, while it definitely is a pain, I kind like throwing off our schedules once in awhile.

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Amanda said...

oh gosh, you should see how much snow we have out here!! i don't even take pictures of it because i find it a little depressing how much of it there is!! we don't have anywhere to put it anymore!