20 February 2011

Annual Holiday Dinner at Jakes


Unfortunately, none of my pictures from our Annual Holiday Dinner turned out great. And I've decided that never, ever, should my profile be photographed. But it is what it is. Whatevs. (Actually, there was one good one of the girls. But after several glasses of wine, I may have accidentally deleted it.) Every year around the holidays, we get together with Scott, Ali, Andrew and Shelly for dinner at Jake's. We get the same table around the fire, have a great meal, and enjoy each other's company. We look forward to it every year. Clearly, this year's event was postponed by a couple months. But I'm so glad we still got it on the calendar. And if anything, it just means we don't have to wait as long until the next time.

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Penny said...

Looks like FUN. And, that sundae looked yummy!