23 February 2011



I'm not sure I remember the last time the boys had a sick day. Sure, they get colds. But typically the knock you down illnesses pass our house up. Not this time! Since Sunday, H has been under the weather. He's had a high fever for three days. Then this morning, C woke up sick. I'm honestly not sure I've ever taken the boys to the doctor outside of their annual physicals (and a couple random times), but I'm so glad I did. Both have strep. Nice. The good thing is, they are getting it out of the way at the same time. And besides the occasional arguments they still need to fit in, pretty much, they are mostly laying around doing nothing. (By the way, don't you love where C has his left hand? Great.) The good news is, they are on the road to recovery.


Ali said...

Poor babies!

Mel said...

The look pitiful. Cute, but pitiful.

kswen said...

Such sweet, sweet boys. I hope they're better today!

Heidi said...

So good they have it together. Our whole family got it last September. We looked much like this, except for Reg, who barely seemed to notice.

Right now 4/5 of us have varying stages of the same cold and I think Cass has developed a fever this morning. Great. 'Tis the time of year, I guess.

Stay warm and cuddled!