13 February 2011

Czech Plaza with Friends


Chili Night was on the calendar for a few weeks. Unfortunately, Chris Frig came down with a nasty stomach bug after just getting home from Mexico, and our plans needed to shift. Czech Plaza is one of those places you may just drive by and not give it too much thought. Both the Elsmo's and Penny had been there before, but we hadn't, and were so excited when Plan B brought us there. We started with enormous beers. Not bad. I had the duck and roasted pork dinner, with dumplings, sauerkraut, rye bread and absolutely not one single green item on my plate. Yum. By the time dessert was coming (it's included with the dinners), we were tired and full, so they sent each family home with a little container of strawberry cake and kolaches. I've been feeling very high-strung lately, and probably wasn't the best company, but it is what I needed. A fun night hanging out with friends. 


Amanda said...

oh yum! i want to eat there!! nothing like a little comfort food!

Mel said...

Maybe just a tad high strung, but never bad company!

Penny said...

Always good company. It was so FUN even if a little certain someone was wreaking havoc throughout the restaurant. Promise...I'll makeup for the Chili date.. Thanks for being so flexible!