01 February 2011

Snow Cream and a Blog Link


The weather is downright nasty in the Midwest right now. They are anticipating the worst storm since 1967. Brian ended up staying home a couple days this week -- I'm so excited and glad he did that. And I'm adjusting my work from home schedule as well. Thank goodness, because the boys school was just canceled. For the first time since the 1970s! It just doesn't get called off in these neck of the woods. To celebrate, we decided to make a big bowl of snow cream. Living near a big city, I'm a pretty big proponent of not eating snow. But we couldn't help ourselves. We even added a bunch of blue food coloring. And sprinkles. Why not? The boys were beside themselves.

Something else pretty great happened today! Our little ole' house was picked up on Desire to Inspire -- one of my favorite blogs. Not all the comments have been positive, but no one's been really mean. I knew that would happen. If I was smarter about it, I would have given a bit of history about the house and background on why we designed it the way we did. First of all, we really thought we'd be living here for longer, so it was designed to suit our family, and no one else. There were a couple critiques about us over-designing it and being insensitive to the period. Here's the thing -- I would absolutely agree. Except for the fact that someone went in and completely ruined it with a rehab in the 60s and 70s. Had there been some original details left, we would have incorporated them. But there was nothing original left. Frankly, I'm not one for "trying" to make something look original when it's not. But that's just a personal preference. Most of all, I hope people know aren't professionals, and we didn't use designers -- it was just us, which is what I love most about it. Anyhow, it was really exciting and nice of Kim to feature our blog, Thank you to everyone for your support and feedback.


RP30 said...

Just saw you house on Desire to Inspire and I think it turned out great. We live in West Ridge (Rogers Park) and have a 1928 brick bungalow that we have slowly been working on but not fast enough... school, work, baby etc.

Love the energy in your household.

Stay blessed. Good luck on your move (out of Chicago?). Hope you new home turns out as great as this one.

Angela said...

@RP30 -- Thank you! And good luck with your remodel. There are so many beautiful homes in that area.