15 June 2008

Father's Day Weekend

The weekend was spent doing a lot ... but only getting a little done. Does that make sense? It was fun. Friday evening we walked to Trattoria 225. On the way back, the boys found a Monster Magnet poster at a thrift store which both wanted. Thankfully the store was closed. Next we watched trains (notice C and his left-overs which he wouldn't let anyone carry again), and then the ice cream truck came.

The next morning was a perfect early summer day. Boys played on the porch, we went to the Farmer's Market, and later C came grocery shopping with me while Brian and H worked in the yard. That afternoon Ray, who Brian knows through work, drove in from Ohio.

In evening we went to our friend Eric's birthday party where the kids jumped for 5 hours straight in one of those inflatable jumping things. Smart! Kept the kids busy and they were exhausted coming home.

Brian and Ray wanted to go mountain biking, but it has rained so much that everything is closed. So they were going to go along the lake. But again, there was a terrible storm first thing this morning. So I made whole wheat buttermilk pancakes with strawberry butter and mojito fruit salad for breakfast. When it cleared, we took Ray for a tour of our town via bike. It was fun -- and the boys and I got to tag along on their ride.

When we came home, Brian tried to fix a gutter from the storm, and totally knocked down a nest with 4 baby birds in it. So I freaked out, and Ray got to witness the excitement of our lives while Brian fixed the gutter and moved the birds. One jumped around for about 30 feet and ended up in our sand box. It's back in the nest, but I hope it doesn't jump out. It looks like most of will make it, though one didn't look so good -- it was a really high fall. Fortunately, the mama bird has come back once already to feed them. Riveting, right?

(Update on the birds: It seems the weak one died. It's nest-mates tossed it from the nest (I saw them nudging it out. The strong one has not tried to jump out yet, which is obviously a good thing. Saw the mama bird return again to feed the last three.)

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