30 June 2008

Lunch at the Taste

I work only blocks from the Taste of Chicago. Usually we make it an annual event and go for lunch ... once. Crowds are bearable, so the risk of getting skimmed with a BBQ turkey leg isn't as great. But you do have to keep your eyes open so you don't get sniped by a stroller. Which is weird, because I can just picture H & C complaining the minute we got there. I guess it just depends on the child though and don't think this would be their thing. Anyhow, what is fun, is all the restaurants have "taste" portions. I had roasted corn, gazpacho, steak taco, bao and a rainbow cone. Minus one person, here's the group I spend over eight hours a day with -- Tim, Moira, Kari and me -- on our way back to the office.

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