11 June 2008

Wisconsin Part 2

Our Wisconsin weekend was actually a bit of an extended vacation weekend. We stayed through Tuesday night, and had a great time. Brian and I had a "date" and I tagged along with him on a meeting he had an one of the creative agencies he uses. It was awesome to see and meet everyone, plus, we ended with a trip to Kopps -- one of my weaknesses. I mean, I really have no restraint there. None.

But anyhow, the kids had a blast and I've had to listen to them tell me all morning how much they miss Wisconsin and Nina & Papa. Here are some of the fun things they did with them...

fireworks and train watching

The train never came, but I made a clover crown. And C found treasures ... train spikes. We left those in Wisconsin.

And where was Brian during clover crowns and train spotting? Cloud 9. He participated in his first (and probably not last) track day ... and absolutely had a blast.

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