03 June 2008

Helping C With Words

I've written about C's speech delay before. He's doing so much better every day, but he's behind. Thankfully, he's animated and can usually get his point across in some form or another so he really has no idea he's got any sort of limitation. He goes next week for evaluation (again) and I'm sure will be sent to speech therapy (again). Sometimes, this delay works in his favor, however. Today a little girl at school who completely adores him said "Hi C" and C's response was "No, hate you." I gave C the lecture on how you never say hate, what a strong word it is, and how nice this girl is to him so he never should have said something like that to her. This little girl just looked at me and said "That's OK. I know he really has a tough time with words right now." So again he got away with being a total stinker.

Anyhow, H has taken it upon himself to help C talk. He's written out a list of words, and goes over them with C. C is very excited to learn from his brother. Too bad H isn't specially trained as a speech therapist -- it may not backfire like it did with the professionals. Tonight, C came running down the stairs happily showing off one of H's stuffed animals. H followed saying "C is doing great with the words. He really did good with 'no,' ... but it was easy because he knew that already that. And he can say 'go,' but he can't say 'bingo.'" Then he looked a C and said in a really nurturing voice "and when you learn more words, I'll give you some more of my toys that I don't like anymore."

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